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Rosie’s opens on the bricks

WORKERS PREPARE fresh-baked goods Thursday morning, Dec. 18, at Rosie’s Place, 10 S. Main St. The popular breakfast and lunch restaurant opened a Zionsville location in addition to its Noblesville locale.

Zionsville Times Sentinel:  Rosie’s Place is no longer just on the square in Noblesville; the popular breakfast and lunch restaurant has now opened on the bricks in Zionsville. Rosie’s opened its doors for breakfast for the first time Thursday, Dec. 18, at its 10 S. Main St. location. “It’s a big relief to finally open,” said owner Michael Bourgerie. “It’s been a lot of long days and nights, but we’re happy we’re finally here.” Bourgerie said a lot of work was done at the location formerly housing Le Dolce Vita and Eagle Creek Coffee Company, including enlarging the kitchen, completely renovating the décor, and putting in new equipment. “We also added a see-in bakery,” he said. “In our Noblesville location, it was in the back and you couldn’t really see what we were doing; so it’ll be nice for people to see what’s going on in there. Having that is really cool for us, and we feel it’ll be fun for people to see all of our baking as it’s  happening.” Bourgerie said they are employing around 20 people, some being transferred from the Noblesville location but most of the wait staff being local people. “We really want to bring a sense of community to Zionsville,” he said. “We want to be a place for people to go and be with their family and friends. We like to be a part of the community, too, and really immerse ourselves.” Best friends and Zionsville residents Jana Wiley and Christie Snyder were some of the first people to have breakfast at Rosie’s. “We’ve been anticipating this opening, and we’d heard good things,” Wiley said. “I’ve had some of the baked goods, and their cookies are to die for.” Snyder said they loved what was done to the building. “The interior is just amazing,” she said. “I love the exposure of brick.”